8:30 am Sunday Sunrise North County Office 7222 N Lindbergh Blvd Hazelwood Closed, Speaker, Wheelchair Access
9:00 am Harris House (Women's) Group 123 Women Harris House 8315 S Broadway St Louis-South City Closed, Speaker, Women
9:00 am Harris House-NEWCOMER Men Harris House 8315 S Broadway St Louis-South City Closed, Men, Newcomer, Speaker, Wheelchair Access
9:00 am Lindell Club Sundays at 9:00:00 Men Lindell Club 4522 Lindell Blvd St Louis-Central West End Closed, Men, Speaker
10:00 am DePaul Hospital Sundays at 10:00:00 DePaul Hospital 12303 De Paul Dr Bridgeton Closed, Speaker, Wheelchair Access
3:00 pm The Jack Pack Hilljack House 5417 S Grand Blvd St Louis-South City Newcomer, Open, Speaker
5:00 pm AA On the Rocks (NEMO) Durham UMC 28958 Abell St Durham Open, Speaker
5:30 pm The Orange Hourglass West County Club 15409 Clayton Rd Ballwin Open, Speaker, Wheelchair Access
6:30 pm One Among Many Pacific Facility 321 E Orleans St Pacific Big Book, Open, Speaker
7:00 pm Olive Branch Sundays at 19:00:00 Olive Branch 8901 Lackland Rd Overland Open, Speaker
7:00 pm Group 356 - We Are Responsible Southside Church of God 12145 Tesson Ferry Rd South StL County Open, Speaker, Step Meeting, Tradition Study, Wheelchair Access